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The company considers we have an obligation to protect information about our customers and business acquaintances in order to assure their trust.
All company board members and employees declare that we respect all laws and regulations, properly handle the information assets owned by the company, and are aware of the importance and responsibility of information management.At the same time, we respect the personal data protection policy and faithfully act in an honest manner.
To smoothly operate personal data protection, the company takes the following actions and puts utmost effort into providing proper management, usage and protection of the important personal data that we maintain.

1. Definition of Personal Data

Personal data is information regarding individuals.This data indicates names, addresses, age, gender, E-mail addresses, pictures and other information that is included with said information and can identify a certain individual.
Types of personal data that we handle are as follows:

  • ・Information regarding customers who have either bought our products or sent inquiries regarding them and/or other related matters.
  • ・Information about people in charge at companies we do business with.
  • ・Information regarding the people who have hired and applied for employment at our company, including employees (including board members and part-time workers) and temporary staff.
  • ・Information regarding company stockholders.

2. Handling Personal Data

All board members and employees of our company are not allowed to disclose the contents of personal data obtained through their work to any third party in vain or use such information for unjust purposes.This also applies to people who have retired from or left the company.
To guarantee such information is properly handled, we strictly manage internal information, including personal data, in the following ways:

  • ・Regarding information regarded as especially necessary for proper management, such as customer information and inside information, a person responsible for data management is named for each department.This person is to strictly ensure that various laws related to this issue, including the Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data Held by Administrative Organs, the ・Exchange Act and the Unfair Competition Prevention Law are followed in the management of such information.
  • ・The company has constructed a system to consolidate information management by identifying managers to protect personal data and department managers to protect information from each department.Additionally, the Compliance Promotion Committee has established an Information Management Department Meeting to implement and improve the personal data protection program operation.
  • ・To let our employees to know, in detail, what actions they should take, we have established our own regulations, including the “Domestic Data Management Policy” and the “Personal Data Management Policy”.
  • ・To ensure that our employees properly manage personal data as best we can, the company plans and holds education and training events.
  • ・We regularly check and assess the compliance condition of the personal data protection policy and regulations regarding personal data management.We comprehensively review such management measures in our continuous endeavor to conduct proper data management.

3. Purposes of Using Personal Data

We acquire personal information only through proper means.When we acquire personal information, we notify the person we gleaned the information from, or announce the fact that we have gained the information on our website.
Regarding the usage of personal information, only people who are authorized to use it according to the detailed task are allowed to use it, and then only within the purpose of usage and range of necessity to conduct the task.
Additionally, personal information will not be used for other purposes unless:

  • ・The person the information is about agrees to let us use it for other purposes.
  • ・The information is used in a form that does not make the person involved identifiable (such as in statistical data).
  • ・Such usage, other than our original usage intent, is allowed by related laws, guidance and guidelines.

When personal information is given in following manners, the company may use said personal information to introduce our products and services as well as offering various information to the public, except, when the person involved refuses:

  • ・When the person meets members of our board of directors and/or employees, then offers his/her personal information by exchanging business cards, etc.
  • ・When a person leaves his/her business card at an event, explanatory meeting or investigative commission held either by our company or an entity related to our company.

4. Cooperative use of Personal Data and Offering it to Third Parties

(1) If The Company Shares Personal Data with Any Third Party, We Will Announce The Following on Our website:

  1. a. The data is being shared with determined party/parties.
  2. b. The items of such personal data that are being shared with the third party/parties.
  3. c. The scale of the shared user.
  4. d. The party/parties’ purpose of using such personal information.
  5. e. Name(s) of the people or group(s) who manage such personal information at the party/parties that are using it.

(2) The Company Won’t Offer Personal Information to Any Third Party Unless:

  • ・The person the information refers to agrees to its use for other purposes.
  • ・The information is used in a form that does not make the person involved identifiable (such as in statistical data).
  • ・The company discloses a necessary scale of information to an entity that is commissioned to perform some of our tasks and said entity pledges to keep the data confidential.

The person the information refers to makes an inquiry and we rationally determine that it is proper to respond to this inquiry through our dealership or a related organization.In such cases, the company discloses information to said dealership or related organization.

  • ・Part or all of the company’s business body is transferred to another corporation.
  • ・The disclosure of such information to a third party is allowed in related laws, guidance and guidelines.
  • ・A judicial body and/or government administration orders the disclosure or submission of such information.
  • ・The company and its subsidiaries, or a subsidiary company discloses and shares such personal information within a necessary scale to implement its purpose of usage.

5. Commissioning the Handling of Personal Information

When the company commissions the handling of personal information to a third party or parties to conduct our business tasks, we will follow the criteria set beforehand, examine the said third party or parties, conclude any necessary agreement(s) and takes other necessary measures required by laws and regulations.

6. Inquiries for the Disclosure of Personal Information, Corrections, Discontinuation of Use

When the person referred to by the information, or the attorney of that person who can be rightfully prove to be entrusted, requests the disclosure of relevant personal information within a rational scale to the company, we will immediately do so under the method decreed by legislative act.
Additionally, when the person referred to by the information, or the attorney of the person who can be rightfully prove to be entrusted, requests a correction, an addition or elimination of data owned by the company due to the fact that the content of the personal information is not correct, please contact the department or division, or the person in charge at the company.We will immediately respond to the request.